Gen Y Turning to Micro Job Market

Millennial working from home

Millennial working from home

Much has been written about the new so-called ‘gig economy’ with more and more of us embracing peer-to-peer exchange and offering instant, on-demand services in everything from copy-writing to graphic design. But what are the wider implications of this new wave of digitally-equipped freelancers on an already turbulent economy and what are the go-to sites for those looking to tap into the micro job market?

Today’s digitally enabled gig economy has become such a disruptive force that it is being debated in the American presidential race, with Hilary Clinton musing on what these new channels for freelance work in the digital economy will mean for job security and the American economy at large.

In a recent speech outlining her economic plans, she said: “This on-demand, or so-called gig, economy is creating exciting economies and unleashing innovation. But it is also raising hard questions about workplace protections and what a good job will look like in the future.”

Micro-entrepreneurship the new normal

Mini job sites, or ‘gig’ sites, have come to embody the new socio-economic ecosystem brought about by smartphone technology. The shared creation, production and distribution of goods and services between individuals and businesses, in particular, digital skills and practices such as social media account management, brand consultancy and search engine optimization expertise have been commoditised by a raft of sites tapping into the Millennial generation’s native digital prowess.

Millions of people now sell their expertise through online mini-job markets, which connect talented individuals with other people or businesses, usually for a micro-payment, or ‘gig’ money. In a booming industry, we take a look at some of the biggest microjobbing platforms.

Fiverr @fiverr

What do you do best? Create your Gig and start selling. It’s free, and only takes 5 minutes. Fiverr is leading the way in micro job platforms and helps to introduce talented people to businesses and individuals to help get things done.

Damongo @damangojobs

Do what you love for someone that needs it with Damongo, the micro job market for freelance workers. Gig range from $5, $10, $20 and $50.

Freelancer Nation @FreelancerNat

Freelance Nation’s aim is to match great freelancers with great jobs. Their intention is to bring together great opportunities and talented people with an emphasis on web development, content management and coding skills.

GigBucks @Gigbucks

Gigbucks offers a free and easy to use platform for freelancers and talented individuals from all walks of life to offer their skills priced from $5 to $50 per ‘gig’. The site asks the question: “What do you have that someone might be willing to pay up to 50 bucks for?”

Zeerk @zeerksite

Connect to the world’s largest list of real micro jobs. Sign up for free to make quick cash online or hire a freelancer to complete quick jobs for you. Maybe you’re an online marketer, programmer, singer, writer, video artist, audio engineer, translator, SEO wizard, advertiser and business guru offering advice, or if you do anything else that people want to pay money for, sell it on

Guru @Guru_com

Search for services being offered by freelancers that match your needs. Guru’s global network of over 1.5 million gurus are ready to help with any technical, creative or business projects. Guru allows businesses or individuals to explore each freelancer’s profile and peruse their previous work so hiring can be done with confidence. Similarly, Guru ensures all payment transactions are secure by using SafePay.

Truelancer @Truelancer_

Truelancer is an on-demand curated freelance marketplace and Asia’s fastest growing micro-jobbing network. Projects in various categories like IT & Programming, Graphic Design, Content Writing, Data Entry, Finance, Sales, Marketing and many more can be posted and found on Creating an account, finding work or posting a project is free.

AppJobber @AppJobber  

For everyone that wants to micro-job in their spare time in Germany, UK, Austria and Switzerland.

Once you open appJobber, a map with your current location is automatically displayed. You can also see all the jobs in your area. Click on them to view the task and reward. Choose the right job for you. AppJobber declares London a micro-jobbing Mecca, and has ‘Top 10′ lists of the UK’s best cities for micro-jobbing.

UpWork @Upwork  A

Access 10 million freelancers from across the globe, on demand. Get a website built, brochure designed, customer service team assembled, or tackle any other project that grows your business. Hire on an hourly-rate or fixed price basis.


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