The Wait for Bendy Tech May Soon Be Over

Bendy millennial

Bendy millennial

Perhaps it is the huge umbrella of anticipation under which we’ve all been living which has made the wait for bendy tech seem all the more excruciating. But the promise of flexible devices, which has loomed over the tech world for the last couple of years, looks set to be made good as it seems Samsung are preparing to launch two flexible devices in 2017.

The world’s largest mobile phone manufacturer has been pouring countless man hours and millions of pounds into the research and development of foldable tech with the aim of launching a new style of device which ‘unfolds’ from the default phone size out into a tablet.

For some time now, bendable tech has threatened to disrupt the mobile phone market, an industry which over the last decade has reinvented itself several times. From the early brick phones came the craze in miniaturization as our phones got smaller and smaller (remember the Nokia 8310?) before bulking up as the traditional feature phone made way for our modern smartphone technology. The rise of smartphone technology has seen our tech balloon, both in size (the Samsung Galaxy Note, anyone?) and value, with the average cost of a mobile phone skyrocketing from affordable mass-market prices to the cost of second-hand sports car almost overnight. Samsung now plan to be the trailblazers through to the next stage in the smartphone journey, by unveiling flexible technology.

Flexible tech has remained tantalisingly out of reach for the tech big hitters despite the seemingly inevitable move towards the bendy phones which we’ve all been hankering for.

The biggest technological barrier facing flexi-tech manufacturers has been creating devices which are flexible but strong enough to withstand the daily wear and tear we all put our smartphones through. This is especially true of today’s sophisticated screen technology, which for many smartphones is the most impressive technological feature – developing a glorious HD screen which also folds and flexes has been a particularly tough nut to crack.

But with this latest round of bendable rumours, it may just be that Samsung has managed to overcome the technological barriers that stand in the way and 2017 may be the year that smartphone technology takes the next evolutionary step forward.


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