5 Mobile themes to look out for in 2016



2015 was a huge year for the mobile phone industry. Smartphone technology consolidated its position as the ‘go to’ internet browsing device and Apple’s iPhone continued its dominance as the number 1 device on the planet, whilst continuing to stoke the iOS vs Android debate. As 2016 kicks off, Fonebank looks at a handful of mobile themes which may well define the coming year.


  • Mobile is the New Central Ecosystem of Tech

Not so much a theme so much as an inevitability. Mobile has been outstripping personal computing for some time now and has become the ‘go to’ device for the connected generation. 2016 will see mobile cement its position at the the centre of the digital ecosystem.


  • There is only one internet…and it’s mobile

2016 will mark the year whereby ‘the internet’ needn’t be pre-qualified by the device it is being accessed from. The tech industry will step away from demarcating ‘desktop internet’ or mobile-friendly browsing, etc. The internet will be mobile internet. PCs will become the somewhat clunky browsing experience traditionally associated with mobile phones.


  • The mobile workforce

Software and mobile apps will continue to revolutionize the way we work. 2016 will be the year in which the ability to carry out the bulk of digital processes on our mobile phones will not just be possible, but expected, by a growing digital workforce.


  • Microsoft on life-support

The cracks in Microsoft’s crumbling empire have been worsening for some time. A number of high-profile business flops and missed opportunities have meant the decades of ‘Windows everywhere’ are now over. Though we may be some time off Microsoft becoming a tech dodo, 2016 may be the year in which the mega brand’s slide becomes irreversible.


  • Website or app?

Conversation around the potential benefits for brands willing to develop their own mobile apps has been rumbling along for a couple of years now. The talk centres around customer search and discovery, the interplay between our online behaviour and the direction in which companies like Google decide to take the search experience. Though ultimately, the argument for mobile apps often comes right back to good old fashioned brand exposure – do you want your brand icon on a customer’s home screen?


  • Internet of Things

The Internet of Things has been talked about as a tech game-changer for what seems like donkey’s years now. But 2016 may very well be the year where the sheer array and cheapness of sensors and components, mostly coming out of the smartphone supply chain, will make them ubiquitous and invisible. In 2016 we will stop talking about IoT and just accept it’s happened and is growing, whether we choose to engage with it or not.


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