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Beat the Credit Crunch with (06.10.08) is a mobile phone trade-in website that has paid individuals over £93,000 for their unwanted mobile phones in September 08 alone.

It’s almost impossible to pick up a newspaper at the moment without reading about ways to survive the credit crunch. Whether it is renting out a spare room, growing your own vegetables or customising the family car with adverts, thousands of people are now looking for ways to raise a bit of extra cash.

Fonebank provides individuals and companies with a very quick and easy way to sell their unwanted mobile phones. Mark Harrison, Fonebank Sales Director said: “The website only launched in January 2008 and we have had an average of 2,000 individuals signing up every month. We paid out over £93,000 to individuals in September and we expect to double these monthly figures by the end of the year. It’s a very quick and easy way for people to raise additional funds for mobile phones they no longer have a use for”.

The whole process takes a matter of minutes; the value of each mobile phone is quick and easy to find, you state your name and address, send the phone(s) off to Fonebank and a cheque is sent out the same day we receive the phones. It really is that straightforward and has proved very attractive to people who perhaps don’t have the time or inclination to sell their mobiles on sites such as Ebay.

Harrison enthused, “Fonebank has exceeded our expectations in the UK and we are delighted that so many people are benefiting from such a simple scheme. The financial rewards are relatively obvious, but there is also a huge environmental benefit to selling old mobile phones that can then be reused as opposed to simply recycled.

Notes to Editor:
For further information about Fonebank please contact:

Mark Harrison
Tel: 0207 404 6440
Fax: 0207 404 4374
Email: [email protected]

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CMR, the parent company of Fonebank, is a company dedicated to providing a safe, practical and reliable recycling proposition for groups and individuals with mobile phones that they no longer use. CMR have contracts with a number of charities, recycling mobile phones on behalf of Oxfam, Water Aid and Amnesty International.

The protection of the environment is central to CMR’s approach, with an Environmental Management System accredited to internationally recognized environmental and legal standards, ISO 14001 and EMAS (Eco Management Audit System).